What Will You Download? Chrome VS IE8? Weird Ad By Google!

Today, while surfing on the net I saw an unusual ad by Google. This advertisement tried to promote Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 on the advertisement unit.

Internet Explorer shares the largest market share and Google Chrome is still trying to adapt standard practices, leave apart the usage penetration. Notably, most people use Chrome just for sake of another browser and IE enjoys the fact that it need not to be downloaded and comes with the Operating System – Windows. I have got many friends who keep chrome in their computers but never use it. IE is easy to use for most of them and Firefox feels little geeky. People often wonder and look for common buttons like Home Button, Blue Refresh Button or Red Stop Button in Google Chrome which have become a habit owing to Internet Explorer.

In this advertisement, Google seems to be boosting about fast and secure internet environment while IE8 tries to promote its new features like Web Slices and Accelerators.

IE 8 and Chrome on same ad

Ad Strategy: Google chrome VS MS Internet Explorer 8

Google is promoting Chrome on all its services. YouTube, Gmail and even Google Search display box urging users to try new browser. Google advices users to experience fast and safe internet and insist them to download Chrome for free. Simple and effective strategies as netizens are more concerned about speed and safety.

IE8 emphasizes on Accelerators and Web Slices and claims itself to be next generation browser. One important point is that IE8 didn’t used the keyword Free though it is an update at no cost. Another point, worth noting is the keyword Browser. A survey, done by the former Google intern Scott Suiter in New York reveals the fact that most people consider Browser as a Search Engine or didn’t knew the difference between Browser and Google.

Some other IE8 promoting websites beside Google Adwords:

While Google has only published a cartoon book beside messages on its regular services like youtube:

Fact: Google currently holds 5.5% while IE8 holds 5.2% of market share. As anticipated total share of IE family is 41% owing legacy to IE6 and IE7.[source]
Clearly, Google seams to win the war, slowly but steadily at the rate of 0.61% per month.

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I’d like to see Scott Suiter redo his interview on the streets of Sydney. It’s hard to believe the rest of the world are that ignorant.

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