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It’s no surprise that Chrome has become a memory hogging browser. The initial promise of a faster and simpler browser no longer holds true. A few people argue that Opera is better alternative to Chrome because it is light-weight and has same efficiency as Chrome with the Webkit derived Blink rendering engine.

When I decided to make the long due transition, Opera’s extensions weren’t able to compete with Chrome’s ever growing web store. Thankfully, now you can use any Chrome extension on Opera without any hassles.

To get started, install this extension on Opera which won’t take much time given the 36KB size.

Once done, head over to the desired Chrome extension page and voila! There’s now a button stating “Add to Opera” along with a little red basket icon on the address bar. Click either one of them to start downloading.


As soon as the extension download finishes, Opera will alert that the extension is disabled because it is from an unknown source. You can safely ignore that and hit “Go” to open the extensions manager page on opera. Locate your extension on that page and tap “Install” which will pop out another frame notifying you about the permissions required, tap “install” again to complete the installation.


That’s it, you’re done. The extensions will work exactly how they would function on Chrome. This “Download Chrome Extension” is definitely a lifesaver.

Google Chrome is a fantastic feature rich browser, however, due to the inconsistent RAM consumption and occasional crashes, users have no choice other than moving on. Agreed that you won’t get multiple profiles, but you can do away with multiple sign-ins. I chose Opera and have been using it as my primary browser. It works flawlessly and now, I’ve my Chrome extensions here too filling the one empty void.

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Filed under Google Chrome. Posted by Abhishek on 25th May 2016.

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