Best Extensions to Capture Entire Webpage Screenshots Reviewed

There are instances where we want to capture the full-length page’s screenshot for later viewing or for work like creating reports. Either you can take multiple screenshots by scrolling with Print Screen button or capture the entire page with Chrome extensions. Now, there are hundreds of such extensions, question is which one is best among them.

There is not a straight forward answer on the best extension to capture complete page screenshots, as it depends which feature you like the most. So, I took a stab at multiple extensions to find the reliable, easy and feature rich ones.

1) Feature Heavy – FireShot

Fireshot is a popular Chrome extension does exactly what we desire here. It can capture the entire page with a click of a button and lets you export it in various image formats and in PDF as well.


Once you’re install it, a little “S” icon will be added to your extensions tray. Head over to the page you want to capture and click the icon or find it under right-click menu. In there are a couple of options that all perform slightly different functions.


“Capture entire page” will extract the complete content from top to button, “Capture visible part” will only get what’s on your screen at the moment, “Capture selection” makes you select the area of the page you want and “Capture all tabs” will extract every tab’s content open right now, however, this is a pro feature.


To capture entire site screenshot, select first option and Fireshot will direct you to an interface where you can edit the image and save in desired format. If you want to perform some more actions like annotations, drawings, you can easily download their free desktop add-on. Through the tool, you can insert shapes, text, and other editing stuff. You can also directly save the file and skip these steps from the drop-down present against every option.


Fireshot also packs a bunch of shortcuts for quick access, you can take a look at them in the options menu under “Miscellaneous”. It also let’s alter those pre-defined combinations including their functions. You can tune a couple of more elements in from setting including editor and capturing preferences.

Though, I liked Fireshot with the extensive features it provide, I found it little cumbersome. If you are looking for simple ligh-weighted solution, read on.

2. Lightweight Easy Alternative – Full Page Screen Capture

This simple extension is only thrice of size of Fireshot and takes much lesser memory while running. It does not have any fancy splash screen of image editor, it is made only for single purpose – to capture full page screen.

just one click and you get entire length screenshot

I really liked it, owing to its simple nature, light wight and open source code. With just a single click, you will have entire length screenshot. Quite useful when you have to take multiple screenshots in short time.

3. Online Editing with Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot” is very similar to Fireshot except that it allows you to edit images live in browser without need for extra tool. It can create custom links to these screenshots for easy sharing and allows commenting with annotations on these shared images.

Editing in browser

That was all. Let us know which extensions you prefer to take screenshots. By the way, if you are looking for complete page screenshots in Android, we have got you covered.

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Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for this post! I loved the lightweight easy alternative you mention: not only because of the small pak man, also because it simply works and you don’t need no sign up or login.

From my perspective, it would have been awesome if that extension would also offer element clipping, access to my last captures and the possibility to drag the results into other apps like Photoshop.

So I gave it a try myself and since yesterday there’s a new full page screenshot extension in the Chrome webstore:

I would love to hear your feedback on that!


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