Google’s New ‘Personal’ Search Tab

If you’d forgotten that Google pretty much knows everything about you or controls your entire personal and work life- here’s something to snap you out of that blissful existence. It was first spotted by Jessica on Twitter, who reported on Google’s new button on the Google search page to resurface personal results from your Google account.

These results can be anything from pictures stored in your Photos account to travel bookings to just Gmail threads. Another thing to note is that this function has not rolled out to Google Apps users, I’d assume for security reasons.

Find Your Photos, Mail & Calendar Events from a Google Search

As someone with a very organised Google Photos library with a lot of captioning done, I found it very useful to search for photos I was looking for quickly and in the process saving me a number of steps, albeit not perfectly accurate. The personal search function was even able to show calendar events like birthdays and anniversaries. Needless to say, but still worth mentioning is that these results are personalised to your account and the results are entirely private. Like it says on the search page, only you can see these results.

Google search displaying pictures stored in the Google Photos

Displays your Gmail results too

The new personal filter showing calendar events

One feature I did find lacking is the Gmail search where it struggled to show relevant results often populating with too many suggestions unless I significantly narrowed down my search. But the possibilities are limitless if the Inbox team at Google ever decides to work with the Search division to refine this feature.


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