How to Add Your Name or Image in Google Search

Many of us often search for our own names in Google search. This is called as ego surfing i.e. searching for yourself. But, there is nothing more disappointing than finding other people or irrelevant results on searching for our name.

If you want your name and other information in Google results, then there are several ways to do it. The question is, why one would want his name in Google? Well, so that when someone searches for your name, they find correct person and not the wrong information that can damage your reputation. Let’s us looks at some of ways to get your name in Google:

The Sure Shot Way to Be on Google’s First Page

Google is all about quality searching. So, for securing first spot in Google search results for your name, all you have to do is create a quality website or blog. Ensure that the website is original, has quality and relevant content that involves your name or relate to you. A website/blog with your name or atleast your name in title is a guaranteed way to get in Google results.

Once, you are done with your website, submit it to Google. So that whenever someone searches for you, they get only the information that you want to reveal via your website.

Though, making website by your name can prove to be a costly affair, there are several services that gives you this facility for free. You can make free blogs or sites using following services:

Get Social Media profiles on Google Results
If you want a profile listing that lists your activities, communities and friends, then you can use Social Media Profiles. They are easy to make plus it’s free. With following ways you can publicly list your profiles or accounts:

  • Create Google Profiles – The easiest way to get yourself known on internet is via Google profiles. Create one, get it verified, open it for search engines and hurray, your name is on internet. Check out mine here; You can also follow if you like.
  • Make Twitter Account – By default, twitter is public i.e. Google shows Twitter accounts in search results. So, all you need to do is make a twitter profile with your real name as user name. Now, others can gather little information about you from Google search. For example, When I search for my name – Abhishek Mandloi on Google, twitter makes the first result. (Follow Gtricks at Twitter)
  • Make Facebook Profile public – You can open your facebook profile so that it could list in Google search results. You can also set whether, anonymous user can view your full profile or limited one from settings page. For example, When I search for my full name – Abhishek Singh Mandloi on Google, facebook makes the first result.
  • Allow Orkut to appear in Google results – Even though this feature is not yet active, but Google can open Orkut profiles to appear in Google search listing in future. You can set this preference from Orkut settings page.

So, this is it folks. I am sure, with some hard work you can easily get your name on Google.

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  • Good for me that 8 out of 10 Google 1st page points to some or other profile of myself, if you search for my name!

    Nice tips, BTW! :)

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  • Likkle Sean

    the article is quite helpful but you should have at least tried to provide actual links in which one could use to definately put his/her info on google…but still its really something

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