Google Pride Easter Egg


Google has been a proud supporter of equal rights for LGBT community and same sex marriage for years. Extending the support, Google engineers have created another Easter Egg at Google Docs where a little pride trick converts entire spreadsheet into LGBT flag.

Google Spreadsheet PRIDE Easter Egg

To replicate this Google Pride Easter Egg, follow one of these methods –

Open Google Docs Spreadsheet. Type letters P-R-I-D-E in each of the column at top row. Now click on any cell.


Go to the any spreadsheet and appends its URL at address bar with &pride=true.

This Easter Egg was shared by Tiffany Henry who accidentally discovered it yesterday while working on a vacation spreadsheet.

Last week, Google had similar Easter egg where the search box surrounded itself with rainbow colors for LGBT related searches like “gay pride”, “pride parade”, “homosexuality” and many more.

Gay pride Google Search

Google is known to provide non-discriminatory benefits and equal rights to its transgender employees, often referred as Gayglers. They have also published few videos in the past to support the community.

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