Best Apps to Download YouTube Videos on Android Mobile

If you are an active YouTube user on mobile, then you must have experienced the pain of slow loading videos. Ever wished to download or save YouTube videos to ease up this pain? While there are sites available to help you download YouTube links as MP3 or high-resolution videos, they are not mobile optimized. Worry not! We have workarounds.

It is true that there is not a single app in Play Store that can let you download videos. This is because Google (manually) review apps submitted by developers before featuring them in the Play Store. And since such apps to download videos on mobile will directly impact Google’s business, they will never allow them to be on the Play Store.

Save YouTube Videos in Android

We tested multiple apps available in developer forums to find which ones are best among them. We got hold of three apps that are trustworthy, easy-to-use and with simple functionalities to download YouTube videos in your mobile. Note that since these apps are not available on Play Store, you will have to installed them from separate sites by enabling installation from unknown sources option under Security settings.

1. Instube

Instube Instube is a simple app to download videos where all you need is URL. It supports more that 25 platforms apart from YouTube like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Vimeo, Vine etc.

Using instube with red button

With the selected video, Instube will ask you to download audio or video in different formats.

2. TubeMate

TubeMate is the best Android app to download videos of all resolutions. The app can quickly save videos to your phone memory with a single click. For saving into SD cards by default, you will need a root. However, once you download in phone memory, you can easy move these video files to SD card.

Downloading Videos in TubeMate

When you launch TubeMate, you will see YouTube as if it is opened in the app. It accesses YouTube as an overlay.

TubeMate Home screen

Select a video and the video will start to play. Click on the Green Arrow to begin the download.

Selcting a video in TubeMate

A pop-up box with all the resolutions and formats of the video available will appear. You can even download the audio only as MP3.Formats to download video

Click on Download to save the video. You also get the options to play, share or add the video to the playlist here.

For small videos, TubeMate will encode the audio. But for videos of larger size, it needs another app to encode the audio. MP3 Video Converter is the recommended app that will encode the audio when TubeMate finishes downloading of the video. This app is available for download from Play Store.

TubeMate not only downloads video from YouTube but also from many different sites. Pull the sidebar out and you can find a list of websites supported for download. Or simply you can enter the URL of the video and it will start downloading it automatically. TubeMate also has an inbuilt video player.Enter URL to Download

3. YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader has a simple and easy to use interface. Unlike Tubemate, this app does not use YouTube as an overlay. All you have to do is search for the video, click one from the results and all the resolutions and the format of the video available to save will appear.

Youtube downloader search

The app also supports downloading only audio as MP3 from the video.

YouTube Downloader is divided into three sections. ‘Search’ in which you need to search for the video. ‘Format’ in which you need to select the desired format and resolution. And ‘Dashboard’ which shows the downloading progress.

YouTube downloader dashboard

Additionally, the app also provides the option to backup downloaded videos. You can even extract the audio from any video by importing it to the app, thus it works as an audio extractor too. This app is also not available in Play Store. You can download it from here.


YouTube did brought ‘Offline Videos’ feature where you can save the videos to watch them later. However, these videos can only be accessed from the app in limited resolutions ( 144p, 360p and 720p). More ever, not all music videos and movies were unavailable with this feature.

These are the best apps that gives alternate solution to download YouTube videos in mobile which is not officially available. You can use either of them as both worked well in my mobile. I would prefer Instube as it supports downloading videos from multiple sites such as Facebook. But if you want a simple and easy method, you can go for YouTube Downloader.

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Hi, Abhishek! Thanks for this article; another of your useful write-up :-)

Abhishek, please see, there’s a small typo: You’ve numbered the second app as number-3. Thought I was missing another good app but then, at the end of the article, you’ve said, “either of them as both”…Hence, thinking there probably been only two apps but numbered as one to three. Have you dropped any app from your initial listing? Just curious :-)


    Thank You Oli for your review. It was a typo mistake. We have reviewed two best apps that can download YouTube videos into your Android phone easily. I will take note into this and will prevent future errors. Thanks for your support and keep coming back for more exciting tricks on Google products.

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