How To Save And Join Google Maps For Offline Viewing And Printing?

Almost everyone uses Google Maps for their day-to-day directional guidance. And most of them face the same problem, which is the inability to use Google Maps without internet. How about saving them on your computer for later viewing?

Other major problem with Google Maps online interface is its incapability of detail zooming with a larger map. That means, if we zoom to a particular area we would only get smaller map which would hide the neighbour places. One solution for this is to join multiple maps to make a large detailed map. Most of the times, joining is a tiresome work involving Prnt Scrn and Copy-Paste in paint.

Though Google provides print option, but it will only print map that is displayed on screen and not the nearby areas. This does not solve our problem for printing detailed map of large area like entire city. Google Map buddy can help you in such time which does everything in few clicks.

Google Map Buddy save offline

Benefits of Google Map Buddy:

  • This tool does not require any installation. Just download, unzip and run.
  • You can save maps without any difficulty with desired zooming for offline viewing.
  • You can easily join maps so that you have detailed map of entire place which wouldn’t be visible without scrolling on your browser screen.
  • Printing these downloaded and joined maps is as easy as printing normal images.
  • Best of all, this tool is completely free.

Download Google Map Buddy.

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