Top 5 Customized Google Search Engines with Black Background

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  1. francesco says:

    “all these search engines are based on Google Custom Search Engine and generates revenue by displaying ads along Google results. Even you can create your own search engine with different colors, fonts and settings at Google Custom Search.”

    you said “all these”, but as you can see black google on blogspot don’t use a costum it allowed by google? and to put “google-adjective” in one’s domain name and homepage is allowed too? last question: can you put any google ads in the home page itself too? thank you

  2. abhishek says:

    you are absolutely right francesco.

    Considering the other blogspot sites that are using black Google like , and only isn’t using custom search . Moreover, their UI is same as Google home page. Probably, a Google employee is responsible for this :)

    And for you last question : Yes, you can place Google ads in home page too.

  3. moe says: is a very gud google custom search with black background

  4. june says:

    the best one is not inside,, black google homepage.

  5. Frank says:

    I have been using Black Google Mobile at to get a better battery life on my smartphone and to reduce my data usage. On OLED based screens you can use over 4x less power having a black background instead of white! These sites are not mobile friendly and do not work correctly on my phone as they have white search results. There is more information on this at

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