How to Find Position of a Website in Google Search Results

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  1. sai krishna says:

    thank you for this awesome tools info for checking keywords position in google very helpful guide.

  2. Mehedy says:

    thanks for this great information.

  3. TrendsBird says:

    i want my actual position on google right now… it’s showing that i m not in the first 100 pages….

  4. Jeffrey Howard says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the awesome list you’ve made.

    Also I’d like to ask you for adding the next SERP checker. I’ve checked your list and see that it would have a good fit for your list. It have free version, it accurate and met all of your requirements.

    So I would be more than happy if you’ll add this website to your list.

    Warm regards,


  5. ji says:

    hi i am jitu ,i didnt find my website on google keyword ,can u tell me how to find my keyword rank my website , this website google keyword postion yr web page , please help me if u know about my problem

  6. I need to track the position of my website on google

  7. I need to know the rank of my Website in Google page.
    Please let me know at earliest

  8. Dear Andrew, try some of the above tools. The last two are easy to use.

  9. Hitesh says:

    Thanks for sharing the valuable info. I used all the tools to check.

  10. BravoTechArena says:

    Thank you very much for providing the above information for us.
    Please i have not been able to identify with page my posts are on google search.
    all i get is ‘url is on google’

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