All 22 Google’s April Fools Jokes in 2012

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6 Responses

  1. Broni says:

    Even I liked the 8-bit idea. Others were good but the effort to actually implement 8 bit in Google Maps makes it special.

    and isnt the underwater search inspired by Google gravity?

  2. Dhanush says:

    My favorite is chrome multitask which actually works.

    Underwater is so much similar to Google gravity but anyways its fun.

  3. Surly Teabag says:

    I bet in coming future you will have the ability to change the weather atleast around you. Chinese scienetists have already created artificial clouds and rains.

  4. Madis says:

    Wow! And I knew only 4-6 of them…

  5. says:

    thanks for listing all these Jokes, I like the Gmail Tap its really funny you can tap anywhere

  6. Adam says:


    I like having a joke as much as the next guy but this does smack a little bit of a company that simply has more money than it knows what to do with!

    It doesn’t stop me from wanting to work there though!

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