Yahoo messenger, Gtalk, AIM, MSN Chatting in One Client

I am tired of having multiple applications (Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, MSN Messenger) just to talk with friends from different networks. Then I remembered that old copy of GAIM I used to have on some dusty CD and installed it. The Latest version of GAIM has been renamed to Pidgin. Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once.

And the best feature is its Free and Open Source.


Pidgin can work with:

* Google Talk
* Yahoo!

* MySpaceIM

* Bonjour
* Gadu-Gadu
* Groupwise

* QQ
* Sametime
* Zephyr

Pidgin can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously. This means that you can be chatting with friends on AIM, talking to a friend on Yahoo Messenger, and sitting in an IRC channel all at the same time.

Pidgin supports many features of the various networks, such as file transfer, away messages, and typing notification. It also goes beyond that and provides many unique features.

According to developers’ description Pidgin is a multiprotocol IM client and it’s goal is to hide protocols from the user as much as possible (users have to know about individual protocols when they create or modify accounts, but in day-to-day communication and usage, the intent is that users don’t have to think about protocols at all).

You can download pidgin from

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