GTalk status not being updated : problem and solution

You must have noticed that the name and the custom message in gTalk is very different from what you see and what your friends see, that is even if you have updated your name to say , Abhi and your status to – on vacations and start chatting with your friend , you will be displayed the updated name on your screen but your friend for sure will see some other name .

Its high probability that your partner/friend will be seeing your old name, mostly orkut one, on the other side.

I have been facing this problem for over half a year , My gtalk shows orkut name which i kept a way back.

Even my status “current music track” is not worth showing , as it never change on other side.

Typical problem faced :
I have linked my gmail ID with orkut.
So my orkut profile name appears as default screen name in my gtalk
account. Suddenly even after I updated (changed) my profile name in orkut for 3
to 4 times in Orkut and in Gtalk am getting older screen name (of orkut)
only.This is irritating me and causing a lot of problems as am not able
to express my present status of mine through Gtalk.

Solution :

Try dissembling orkut and gtalk integration.

  1. Go to Home in orkut.
  2. Find Settings in leftmost panel.
  3. In My settings go to Google Talk tab.
  4. Click on disable google talk integration.
  5. Now uninstall Go0gle talk from the system through Add or Remove Programs.
  6. Install a new updated version of google talk from website or by clicking here (sponsored).
  7. Again enable google talk integration with orkut from orkut settings > google talk tab.
  8. You are done.

Possible explanation for problem by the Google problem group :

There is usually a time lag before your Google Talk profile gets updated as well. This is the same for profile picture. In fact, try to log out and log in again to see if the display message have changed or not. This is just a way to minimize your bandwidth.

Windows Media Player and Music Status In Gtalk
i.e Show current music track status:

Its very exiting that users can share their music status in Google Talk. Your friends know – which songs you are listening currently and what you are up to.

When Windows Media Player or your Windows desktop crashes, Windows
Media Player is designed to disable all plug-ins (including the Google
Talk music status plug-in). If this happens, the current music track
you’re playing on Windows Media Player won’t show up as your Google
Talk’s status message.
I know many of you have found the solution to this problem, but for
those who haven’t found this fix before, all you need to do is
re-enable the Google Talk plug-in. Just follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Media Player.
2. From the View menu, select ‘Plug-ins’ > ‘Options…’
3. From the Category section of the Plug-ins tab, select ‘Background.’
4. Select the ‘Google Talk Music Plugin’ checkbox.
5. Click ‘OK.’

You’ll have to close and restart Windows Media Player for your change
to take effect. Happy music status sharing!

Alternate :

step1: Open-media player
step2: Click tools-go to plugis-optipns-
step3: Click on “background”-click add
step4: Open gtalk folder and select gtalkwmp1.dll
step5: Aplly settings.

click on gtalk and chose show current music track.
If this doesn’t work reinstall gtalk & verify Windows Media player settings once again…If u still face the problem reinstall Windows media player.

From Google Talk groups

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still the name sis not getting changed

There is a bug in google talk causing status not changing. If the network connectivity is lost while playing a song, and there after it doesn’t work with currently playing track. You need to reselect the status option in google talk to get this working again.

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