Find Answers For Anything On Gtalk, Yahoo And MSN Messenger By IM Bot

WebtoIM is an answering IM bot which replies all your general questions instantaneously on Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM and MSN messenger. This is very useful for getting quick facts and doing basic research on almost any topic.

Advantages of using WebtoIM answering service:

  • It is free and there is nothing to download.
  • Its works with Google talk, Yahoo Messenger and AIM Networks. MSN messenger support will be launching soon.
  • Gives real time Score for cricket, football or any other sport. Just type cricket and hit Enter button, WebtoIM will reply with latest scores.
  • You will find quick answers for all common questions on various topics like geography, politics, history etc.
  • If you cannot find the answer then you can submit your questions, so that other users like you can answer them. The IM would automatically notify you when the question gets answered.

How to use this IM Bot?
Add [email protected] to contact list in Gtalk or Gmail chat module or any other messenger client. Now, type your question to this newly added friend for quick answer. Type help for assistance and menu for details.

As a matter of fact, WebtoIM increases productivity and saves time. The basic logic is that we need not to switch to Google or internet browser for finding answers to some basic questions. The Instant Messenger (Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM and MSN), which is always running on our computer can be used to search results. WebtoIM uses True Knowledge API to find direct answers for common questions. And if answers are not found, you can then submit questions to online user community which would answer it for you and even you can participate to answer other questions.

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Filed under Google Talk. Posted by Abhishek and last updated on March 15, 2011.

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Great article brother thanks

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