How To View Photos on a Map in Google Photos

How To View Photos on a Map in Google Photos

Karrar Haider

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  1. NacNac says:

    This is a great feature and as it is combined with other powerful IA engines to automatically recognize animals, people, objects, features it is relatively very easy to retrieve photos despite having 10’s thousands.

    However, what I find very frustrating is the differences in functionalities depending on the device you use. Why can’t they make their app having the same features. For instance the Explore map does not exist when using a PC or laptop under windows 10 and using Chrome. This is really annoying because even an ipad screen is relatively small when you want to explore on the map.

    I can’t find anywhere any rational explanation

    Thanks, otherwise great article btw :)

  2. LarryW says:

    I agree that this feature would be much more useful if/when they make it available on the desktop PC. Hopefully it is coming.

  3. LarryW says:

    Found a partial “workaround” on Google Photos Help pages…see this link:

  4. Anil says:

    My photos


    It is killing me that this is not available on Desktop. It should be integrated into Google Photos in Chrome, or somehow into Maps.

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