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  1. Darren says:

    If I delete photos in the original account, will they also delete photos in the account I shared the photos to with this method? I’m wanting to free up some space on my original account because I can’t receive emails anymore to my gmail.

    • Karrar Haider says:

      Make sure that you follow the step 8 and 9 to save the shared photos in the secondary account’s library. If you will do this, then deleting or even unlinking the primary account won’t affect the photos saved in the secondary account.

  2. IAG says:

    The option to add partner account is not available for me. What can I do? I am using Gsuites for my personal domain. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. orion says:

    Thank for you such a concise write-up!

  4. Paul says:

    The whole “add partner” thing seems to have disappeared

    • Karrar Haider says:

      Hey Paul, thanks for pointing it out. The option has been moved to the “Settings” of Google Photos. I have updated the post with the updated information. Thanks again! :)

  5. anonymous says:

    hey, i have removed my partner account yet whatever photos i remove from my primary account is automatically removed from the secondary one

  6. Jonas says:

    Did like this but now the photos in my new account don´t seem to take any space. How come? I have unlinked the accounts and want to delete the old account. Is it safe to do so?

  7. Fiona says:

    I already share my a partner. Can I have two partners to share with?

  8. Fiona says:

    Sorry, my last comment wasn’t very clear

    I already share my photos with my partner. Am I able to have two partners to share my photos with, so I can do as you suggest?

    I want to move all my photos over to another my other account and as we are unable to merge accounts, this has been the best option I have seen.

  9. Hamed Ali Khan says:

    Hi Karrar,
    Step 8 option seems to be no longer available where I can see the photos from my partner with my own photos. Is there a way of doing that still available that I’m unable to find on my computer?

  10. Preet says:

    The main reason to transfer the data to another because I want to make this mail id professional. You article is really helpful for me and it works. I was looking for such information from quit long time and my search has been ended up successfully on your article . Thank you so much…I really explain you my happiness in words. Thank you so much it really means a lotzz for me thank you:)

  11. Rich says:

    Hi this has helped me I hope! Once you have selected to ‘Save’ the original accounts photos to the new account, should they all appear? I’ve followed the steps but it only seems to show up to a certain date, the majority of photos haven’t transferred as yet despite selecting ‘all’

  12. wawa says:

    can i delete the photos from my primary account as soon as i shared the photos to the other account or do i have to wait for it to be fully tranfered ?

  13. Daniel Ma says:

    I got my photos into my second google account, but those albums in the original account did not get set up as in albums in the second account

  14. JRK says:

    Hello, my photos have transferred but take up no space. How can I ensure they are backed up to the new account?

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