How to Strike Through Text in Gmail

Gmail Compose window strike through text in gmail

Though strikethrough is not a feature that we use in our daily lives unlike bolding or making text italics, it is often required in many cases. For the lesser-known people, strikethrough is a type of styling text with a horizontal line cutting through words representing modification or deliberate deletion. For example: I am was a software engineer (more).

Gmail Compose window strike through text in gmail

To strikethrough words, we will use the same technique with which we have added HTML and images in Gmail signature i.e. copy and paste from rich text editors. To understand, follow these steps:

Step 1. Write your message in MS Office Word and apply strikethrough to the parts you want.

Step 2. Copy the entire text.

Step 3. Paste it into compose mail window

And you are done. Check out the below illustrative video:

Isnt it a simple thing? But sometimes trivial things give you trouble.

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but actually,
why to strike through text????

So basically, this isn’t a Gmail’re just copy and pasting.. which you can do with almost anything that isn’t necessarily accessible within the gmail editor. A trick would be how to do it inside the actual Gmail editor without using other editors like MS Word.

does the same work for pages?

What a waste of web space! Copy and Paste!!

Thanks but this does not work when copying from word to gmail when on a mobile….any ideas?

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