Here’s How To Strikethrough Text in Gmail

Here's How To Strikethrough Text in Gmail

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  1. krishna says:

    but actually,
    why to strike through text????

    • Abhishek Mandloi says:

      Sometimes we need to cut few words but also at the same time we want to show them in order to be politically correct.

  2. Deena says:

    So basically, this isn’t a Gmail’re just copy and pasting.. which you can do with almost anything that isn’t necessarily accessible within the gmail editor. A trick would be how to do it inside the actual Gmail editor without using other editors like MS Word.

    • Abhishek Mandloi says:

      I am sorry to say Deena that wont be possible. Yeah, we are just coping and pasting it, but not many people figure this out.

  3. juliana says:

    does the same work for pages?

  4. Steve S says:

    What a waste of web space! Copy and Paste!!

    • Abhishek Mandloi says:

      This seems to be the only workaround until Google comes up with new functionality.

  5. Karla says:

    Thanks but this does not work when copying from word to gmail when on a mobile….any ideas?

  6. Face Text says:

    thanks for sharing this

  7. Stil Kant Strikethrough says:

    STRIKETHROUGH suggestions made in this article don’t work at all. Copying and pasting doesn’t work, the strikethrough option is not offered when I right-click on the ellipse at the right, and “Alt+Shift+5” doesn’t work at all either. This comment written in May, 2022, three years after this article written. I run a high-end business-class HP notebook, updated and scanned constantly; it’s not my machine.
    Maybe G-Evil has changed Gmail’s code or formatting. I don’t know that, but I know that this article needs an update.
    You should also correct a confusing error: You wrote about the, ““More formatting options” button at the right end of the bar”, but it’s at the LEFT end.

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