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How To Recover Your Hacked Gmail Account

If your Gmail account is hacked even after following our tips to secure Gmail account from hackers, then don’t worry we are here to help further. You can recover your hacked Gmail account and...

How to Add Rich Text Email Signatures on Google Inbox

Its little absurd that Inbox by Gmail does not allow making rich text signature but you can paste the rich text in the basic signature box and it works. Use this workaround to use images, links and formatted text in Inbox signature.

designer email signature in gmail

How to Add Social Icons to Your Gmail Signature

Avoid the usual, plain text only signature in your Gmail and customize it with social icons that link to your different profiles. Useful to differentiate yourself among thousand of other senders and to increase your social reach

Browse Mails Quicker with Gmail Mouse Gestures

Just like touch gestures in Gmail mobile app, you can get mouse gestures for the desktop app. Keyboard shortcuts are always recommended, however if keys are not your cup of tea then try mouse gestures to quickly navigate through mails.