Easily manage Gmail Contacts and Attachments with MailBrowser Plugin

MailBrowser is a Gmail plug-in which is ideal for people dealing regularly with attachments and unknown contacts. This plugin works with both Gmail and Google Apps account. You can also configure multiple accounts with this browser plugin. Unlike other plugins or addons available with Gmail, MailBrowser loads into your browser sidebar. And since it remains separate from your gmail inbox, it is non-intrusive and very convenient plugin to use. MailBrowser is available for both Firefox and Internet explorer and you can download it from here.

Contact Features

  • With MailBrowser, you can get complete list of people you have ever contacted and you can easily save them to Google contacts with a click of button.
  • It also makes searching and sorting of contacts simpler and better. Since it makes a copy of your contacts on local hard-disk, search is very fast.
  • You can add tags to contacts for categorizing them. In addition to this, you can “star” important contacts and create Google Calendar events for a contact right from the sidebar.

Attachment Features

  • MailBrowser is a powerhouse when it comes to attachments. All the attachments are downloaded to your hard disk and thus searching, previewing and opening attachments is superfast.
  • Gmail lacks searching inside attachments, but with MailBrowser, you can use desktop search utility to search text inside any attachment.
  • Moreover, MailBrowser provides thumbnail preview, which makes searching and sorting super easy.

MailBrowser is made by an Indian Company- Webyog and as per them that it’s the perfect plugin if you don’t want to use Outlook with Gmail. You can find more official features here. Below video explains how MailBrowser will work with your contacts and attachments.

You can download MailBrowser from here.

Note: Since MailBrowser downloads all your contacts and attachments into local machine, it might take substantial amount of time for the first run.

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A note on note: One need not wait till the indexing is complete to use MailBrowser. As MailBrowser processes mails in reverse chronological order, one can find all information on recent mail exchanges within couple of minutes. It continues to index in the *background*.

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