Import/Export Google Tasks to Outlook, iCalendar & Remember the Milk

Google Tasks Porter interface

Tasks Porter is a small addon application from Google that allows you to export your Google Tasks data “snapshots” in a variety of formats, such as CSV, iCalendar and HTML, which can then be easily imported by several other task managers and calendar apps, including popular desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook, and other web-based ones such as iCalendar and Remember the Milk. You can also upload an ICS or CSV file in order to import tasks from any application that supports those formats.

#. How to use Google Task Porter?
Visit the application page and hit ‘authorize’ to grant it access to your Google Tasks data. Once done, you should see a simple home screen as below:

Google Tasks Porter interface

Google Tasks Porter interface

Here, click on the ‘Take Snapshot’ button to create a downloadable copy of all your tasks.

When the snapshot is created, you can see details such as when it was taken and the number of tasks included in it. Click on a format you want to download your data in.

Google Tasks Porter snapshot

Google Tasks Porter snapshot

Each “snapshot” contains the full list of all your tasks at a particular point in time. When you have more than one snapshots, you can view them all by clicking on the “view snapshots” button. On the same page, you are also provided with the option to delete snapshots which you don’t want or the ones you have already downloaded.

Do note that Porter doesn’t support live syncing, so it’s best used for lists that you create and then check off without updates.

Google Tasks Porter is and open source application and is released as part of the Data Liberation Front, the same team that had earlier released Google Take Out.

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