How To Add HTML And Images In Gmail Signature

UPDATE: WiseStamp is now available from Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari. With it you can include HTML and images seamlessly in Gmail signature. Its free and gives you better control over mails.

Signatures save your time by automatically appending your name at the end of the message. Not only name, you can insert your location, rich text and HTML in your Gmail to make it more flashy.

Gmail support specifies that you cannot add graphics, rich text formatting, or HTML in your signature. However there are tweaks to do so. You can now have your contact information, your picture, your time zone and location, your favorite quote, or some HTML inserted at the bottom of every message you compose.

How to have HTML as Gmail Signature

There are two popular Firefox add-ons (Blank canvas and WiseStamp ) at hand to generate HTML signature. You can have any one of them.

Blank Canvas Gmail Signature:

Step 1: Install this add-on from the Mozilla add-on directory.[link]

Step 2: Go to Compose mail. Beside From: box you can see option to generate or insert HTML signature. Click on Create Signature for a new input box.

Step3: you can preview it instantaneously and save for future.

WiseStamp E-mail Signature:
add HTML sigmature in gmail with wisestamp
Step 1: Install this add-on from the Mozilla add-on directory.[link]

Step 2: Go to Tools> addons> WiseStamp > Preferences.

Step 3: Create and preview at the same time.

Step 4: While composing Gmail signature, find WiseStamp icon in text toolbar to insert type of signature.

Difference between WiseStamp and Blank Canvas:

If you have profound knowledge of HTML and wanted to design your own signatures then Blank Canvas will be perfect for you. There is no limit for number of signatures in your repository.

If you are a social guy and wanted to have all social network icons along with your signature then WiseStamp will be ideal choice. Beside Gmail, you can even use it on yahoo mail, AOL, hotmail, Google apps etc.

By default, WiseStamp inserts an advertisement with your signature, However you can disable it from preferences>settings.

How to add your current location in your Gmail signature

Gmail blog suggests the usage of new lab feature to append your current location with signature.
This will be very handy for people who are always on the move. Now, other people can know your current location and can also decide what is the best time to reply or call.

How to have picture and rich text as your Gmail signature

Step 1 : First of all you need to upload an picture. If you already have a picture over the internet then it must be public. And if you would like to upload picture then you can use picasa/flickr/ I would recommend picasa or flickr so there would be no chance of getting identified as spam.

Step 2: Compose a message on Gmail and then open your browser window having image.

Step 3: Either you can highlight the image, copy it (press Ctrl+C) and then on Gmail compose window paste it (press Ctrl+V) or you can just drag and drop your image from one window to another.

Step 4: Write some details about you in rich text and then save this newly composed mail as a draft.

Now, whenever you compose a new mail, just paste the image and rich text from draft into new mail. This image would be shown as email signature and not as different attachment.

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HMLT is boring ! Imagine, one day you can gave flash singatures or videoh signtures. I wifh gmial gives me ASAP.

hi,everything ok. but the text of expression for the novice will be difficult to understand

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