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Downloading through torrents!

Whoever said “Nothing comes in Life for free“, sure never has heard about this wonderful thing called The Internet.

That’s why his/her statement makes no sense when it comes to downloading through torrents. What makes sense, is the infinite amount of copyrighted material being downloaded through BitTorrent. All right, we all know what torrents are and this is not a piece on “How to download through torrents”. It’s about release groups like aXXo. Now let’s know what’s a Release Group is, shall we? A Release Group is a group consisting of individuals who put up copyrighted material (music, movies, games, anime, books, TV shows, software – the list goes on) for free downloads on the Net, many times even before the product is officially out. Let’s take Cloverfield, for instance. The movie released in theater’s on Jan 18th 2008 but the DVD rip of the movie is already out on torrent sites, from the last week of December.


There are some well-connected people. They might be working with radio stations, TV channels or big media stores/companies. These guys get promotional copy of a movie’s DVD before it’s official release. And then some other guy get hold of that copy, rips it and put it up on the Net for the world to download. Then there are the award panelists, eg. Oscar panelists. They don’t have time to go to each and every screening, so they get a promotional DVD copy of that movie – probably to watch in the comfort of their home. They are supposed to return the copy ASAP. But then somehow it leaks out and then it’s for the world to watch.


DarksideRG, DiAMonD, maVen, aXXo, PuKKA, KzT are some of the releasers. Demoniod is the most popular of them all – virtually every torrent has a “Tracked by Demonoid” note with it. And when it comes to phukat ka maal how can out fellow Indians be behind? KaMaL and anky (Ankit Mehta) are just two names among people who release desi stuff. Oh and here’s a hint – just type aXXo in Google. It’s as easy as that.


1. Cam (Camera) – As the name suggests, it’s a cam print. Meaning, the movie is recorded in a cinema hall, with a handheld camera. The image is grainy, shaky and you hear people’s laugh, comments and quite possibly it’s the worst movie experience ever.

2. TS (Tele Sync) – Here the camera is attached to the projector. The audio is considerably clear and this one is better than a cam print.

3. TC (Tele Cine) – It is digitally copied from the print. Mainly happens with the latest Bollywood releases. Although it’s a good alternative to TS, some of the TC movies might have sync issues.

4. DVDScr (DVD Screener) – Promotional DVD copy leaks out. Someone rips it and puts it up on a website. Page views increase rapidly.

5. DVD-R (DVD Replica) – It’s an exact replica of a DVD – with subtitles, menus, extras etc. It’s usually posted as an .ISO file and you can burn that ISO image on a blank DVD and view it on your DVD player. Recommended for those for who find it cumbersome to watch movies on their computer.

6. DVDrip (DVD Rip)- This means the movie is ripped off a DVD. It’s probably the best quality you’ll get. Most of the DVD rip versions are encoded in manner to maintain the high quality, keeping in mind that the file shouldn’t be too large. That’s why most of the DVD rips you’ll find are less than 700 MB – meaning they fit on one CD, a convenient thing if your computer doesn’t have a DVD-ROM.

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can you tell me what is r5-xvid rip??

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