Shortcut Keys for Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is surely most popular instant messenger client because of its chat-room feature which allows you to communicate with completely new people and other chatting elements such as Imvironments and Skins. The other interesting feature of Yahoo Messenger are keyboard shortcuts which help you to save time. My favorite one is ‘Windows Key + Y’ which brings Yahoo Messenger to focus even if its in system tray.

Here is a comprehensive list of all Yahoo Messenger keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

Windows Key + Y – Focus on Yahoo Messenger, even if Yahoo Messenger it’s in system tray

Ctrl + G – Buzzes your friend

Ctrl + H – Show or Hide offline contacts

Ctrl + Shift + P – Open preferences window

Ctrl + T – Send a Text message

Ctrl + M – Send an Instant message

Ctrl + Y – Send an email message

Ctrl + Shift + A – Add a contact

Ctrl + Shift + 0,1 or 2 – Switches between different messaging formats in Yahoo Messenger 9

Esc key – Closes a active message window

Ctrl + D – Sign out of Yahoo Messenger

Ctrl + Shift + D – Sign out of Yahoo Messenger client and sign in to your mobile device

Ctrl + Shift + F8 – Change your display Image

Ctrl + Shift + R – Request contact details in a active chat window

Ctrl + Shift + C – Send you contact info in a active chat window

Ctrl + Shift + M – Send you messenger friend list in a active chat window

For Voice service:

Alt + A = Account Webpage

Alt + C = Call Menu

Alt + D = Contact Details

Alt + Shift + L = End Call

Alt + E = End Call

Alt + H = Hold

Alt + R = Resume

Ctrl + L = Call PC

Alt + L = Call Back

Alt + M = Toggle Mute

Alt + S = Save to Address Book

Ctrl + K = Make a Phone Call

Ctrl + N = Start a Conversation

Alt + V = Adjust Volume

Messaging Window Editor Shortcut Keys:

Ctrl + B – Toggle bold, or convert selected text to bold

Ctrl + I – Toggle italic, or convert selected text to italic

Ctrl + U – Toggle underline, or convert selected text to underline

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