Change your login screen

Are you bored of seeing the same blue welcome screen??
Do you want to have a funky login screens like this????

Then here is a way to change the login screen. First download any of the login screens given above, if you dont like the login screen given above you can find hundreds of login screens to chose from here

Then extract the .exe file and save it to a directory say login_screen .
Now open the registry editorstart>run>regedit>hkey_local_machine>software>microsoft>windows NT>current version>winlogon

now on the right hand side locate uihostright click that and select modifyand paste the address of the location where u stored your ” .exe file”for example: If u stored the > exe file on the desktop in the directory login_screen n the name of the exe file is 123 then your address would be C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\login_screen\123.exeand your donecheck this by pressing winkey+L

To get back to your old login screen
open the registry editor
start>run>regedit>hkey_local_machine>software>microsoft>windowsnt>current version>winlogon
now on the right hand side locate uihostright click that and select modify
then write “logonui.exe” there (with out quotes)

The other method which some users might find easy is given in “Readme.txt” from the .zip file that you have downloaded.But in most of the cases its not clear what to do for changing logon screen.

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