Australian Cricketer Symonds depicted as hanuman

The Courier-Mail, an Australian newspaper published a picture of Australian Cricketer Andrew Symonds with his face superimposed on Lord Hanuman’s body on Monday, 7 January 2008.

“Symonds is just Divine; That’s no Monkey” ran the caption on the photograph in the Courier Mail.

This picture has deeply hurt the religious sentiments of billions of Hindus. Do you think we should accept this insult of our beloved deities and keep mum OR we should protest?

It is to be noted that the absence of moral values of some of these non-Hindus is appalling! The do not even have this basic culture to respect other religions and sentiments of others. Islamists/jihadis are causing physical aggression.Christists are causing cultural aggression on peaceful and decent Hindus, who are the most tolerant and accomodative. This is perhaps misunderstood to be our weakness. We must send out strong signals that we will not tolerate such denigrations.

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to protest :;=17

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