Download Entire Collection of Incredible Google Earth View Wallpapers

Levis, Canada wallpaper

If you love nature, then you will surely love watching the beauty of earth from a different perspectives. Google Earth View is such collection of beautiful and fascinating images from Google Earth that you can download and use as wallpapers.

Almost all of us use Google Maps and Google Earth and sometimes we come across places which has uncanny geometry and strange beauty of mother nature from top view. Google has handpicked such locations and curated them into a single collection of images – Google Earth View.

There are over 2000 such images of landscapes, cities and wildlife on the site. However, you can only explore and download them one by one.

Download All of Google Earth View Images

Levis, Canada wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper – Bridges from Levis, Canada

While Google does not provide entire collection to download at once, there are workarounds to save them in one go. You can then use these local images as wallpaper for your desktop, tablet or mobiles. However, the collection is huge and will occupy several GB of space. As such, you can use different tools to set these images as rotating backgrounds.

#. Dropbox Dump – Contains 1520 images with good resolution – 1800 px by 1200 px.

#. Github Dump – Archive of all wallpapers from ‘Earth View from Google Earth’ extension.

#. Torrent 1, Torrent 2 – Downloading speed depends on seeds.

#. Text URLs – Download links for 1524 images.

#. Automated Script – Uses Python language. Only for advance users.

Set as Android Background

To use Google Earth View wallpapers in your Android phone, first you will have to install Muzei Live Wallpaper app. The app refreshes your home screen with famous artworks at regular intervals. After installing Muzei app, download Muzei Earth View extension for the app. It will fetch stunning satellite images of Google Earth and display them as your wallpapers. You will get new wallpaper automatically every next and the old one .

Chrome’s New Tab Background

Download Google Earth View Wallpapers for Chrome

Earth View from Google Earth extension will provide you a incredible experience of beautiful images from Google Earth every time you open a new tab. This official extension has thousands of images and new satellite images gets added periodically. You also have the option to download the image from the tab or share it directly. Once you install, you will surely go on opening new tabs to explore the breath taking beauty.

Enjoy the beauty of Earth and decorate your devices with these images.

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Thanks for an interesting post. Is there a way of getting original names of files. Google has one name and the dumps have other names created so how do we know the name/area/location of the original from google pix as it’s not on the new dump names.


    Interesting Question!

    The problem is how these images are stored in Google servers. They have an unique identifier number which connects to a name and location on their website. This connection is done manually on their end and we can only extract the images by number.

    In short, we can’t get the name/area/location for the bump.

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