How To Add Watermark or Background Image to Google Docs

Karrar Haider

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6 Responses

  1. Omar says:

    Super useful!

  2. Asil says:

    Greetings, this isn’t working for me…when I upload to google docs there is no image at all. Only difference is that I am on a mac. Would appreciate any thoughts!!

  3. Treyvin says:

    I am having the same problem. I upload it to Google docs, and nothing shows up. All it does is creates a new document.

  4. October says:

    It isn’t working for me, sadly. I have tried both the actual watermark option in Word and using just a normal image like this shows. Using Microsoft Word’s actual watermark option, it just doesn’t show up in Google Docs. Using the method suggested here, it does have the image watermark, but it doesn’t actually have the text over the image. It just has the image with the text above and beneath it.

    Still, this was a very interesting suggestion! Thanks so much for trying to help those of us who want to have watermarks (I seriously cannot understand why Google doesn’t just add in that option).

  5. Jen says:

    Okay, so you can paste the image into the google doc, then adjust the transparency, right? With me so far. Yes. For my image, it wasn’t light enough for my liking so, i edited my image using a photo program to adjust the brightness and contrast.and then, I copy/pasted to back into the google doc. Then, once adjusted the transparency in google. Then, my friends, I copied it from the google doc. Then, did Insert Drawing and then copy paste the transparent image into the (drawing board? not sure what it’s called). Then … inserted another text box into the drawing area and then copy pasted the TEXT (report title, author, etc for the cover page) into that “Drawing” text box. Then, (OMG finally!) you can position the image centered behind the text. To finish ,you can play with adjusting it to the correct size and position you want.

    I only needed to do it for the first page, so not sure how you would do a true watermark for every page but, hope this helps some people. :)

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