How to Link Previous Pages or Paragraphs in Google Docs

bookmark in google docs

If you are a type of person who likes to organize big documents in multiple sections, then this tip is pretty helpful for your document users. How will you link your document to different sections so users can directly navigate back and forth? Or say, you want to give a reference to any previous page or paragraph. Surely your readers wouldn’t like to scroll back again.

Add ‘Back to Top’ Link or Insert Anchor points in Google Docs

For your readers convenience, you will prefer to add an anchor point or bookmark where you want readers to take reference from previous pages.For example, your reader is on page 57 and you want your reader to redirect to page 27 to emphasize on a particular section. Creating an anchor point or ‘Back to Top’ link will make it easy for them to gain reference. By doing so, you make sure your readers don’t have to use the scroll bar.

STEP 1: Place the cursor on the beginning of the headline of which you want to create the reference point. Go to ‘Insert’ and click on ‘Bookmark’.

Go to insert and select bookmark

STEP 2: Click on ‘Link’. It will create a link of the headline.

select link

STEP 3: Go to the portion where you want your readers to be redirected to the bookmark. Place the cursor where you want to create the link. Go to ‘Insert’ and click on ‘Link’.

Go to Insert and Select Link

STEP 4: A box will pop at the area. Click on link field and select bookmark. It will show you the link created previously. Select the desired link. Now enter the text for your bookmark in the text field.

Add previously created link

STEP 5: Click on apply. You will see the text in blue coloured underlined font. Your Bookmark is now created.

Reference anchor link is created

That’s all. You can use the above technique to create “Back to top” link by creating bookmarks after different sections and referring them to the top most page.

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For shared documents, if you want to send a link of specific paragraph to someone then just use the link obtained in step 2.

That is, put the cursor to the paragraph and select ‘bookmark’ from insert menu. Then, again select ‘link’ option and copy the hyperlink. It will be something like – [Google Doc URL]#bookmark=id.dktzd6f63lm7.

This link will directly navigate anyone to the selected paragraph.

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