How to Subscribe Websites with RSS Feeds on Google Chrome

One feature what most of the users miss on Google chrome is its RSS support for websites. Firefox and Internet Explorer have built-in autodiscovery of feeds. That means, RSS feeds are automatically detected and can be subscribed at the click of a button.

Google Chrome address bar (or Omnibox) provides a handful of features like direct search inside websites without going to it or using it as suggestion box or as Google search box. However, it lacks support for RSS bookmarks and subscribe to webpage feed feature. Nevertheless, you can use the power of bookmarklets to auto-detect RSS and subscribe to various feed readers. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: First, your bookmarks bar should be visible on Google Chrome. If it is not, then press Ctrl + b to activate it. [View all Google Chrome Shortcut keys].

Step 2: Go to to get RSS auto-detect Feed bookmarklet.
Step 3: Drag and drop the “Detect Feed” link to your bookmarks bar.

Step 4: It’s done. Now whenever you want to subscribe a website, just click on detect feed bookmarklet and you will get handful of options to subscribe on Google reader, Netvibes, My Yahoo, iGoogle etc. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page (Press Ctrl + d) to use it as Firefox Live Bookmarks.

Note: There is another service available that lets you subscribe RSS feeds on Google chrome – . It has two ways to detect RSS but shows fewer readers to subscribe.

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Thanks to give this info can u please tell us how we can synchronize different Rss feeeder

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