How To Manually Download And Install Chrome Extensions

Karrar Haider

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4 Responses

  1. Computer Engineer says:

    If you install an extension to help you download, you are not manually downloading. Your head is written incorrectly.
    This page should be title how to download and manually install chrome extensions.
    the fact that you have it written your way, manually applies to both, download(manually) and Install(manually),.
    Learn English. Say what you mean and mean what you say. you write in fork tongue..

  2. tanny says:

    I install the extension but its not working. If you update the extension or app then we can download the app for window.

  3. denverli says:

    I am also install the File extension but system can’t show the extension in window, can you please help me out?

  4. art says:

    dude you suggest downloading an extension that you will have to download as an extension from the Chrome store. but to make an archive of the extension and leave a link, is it impossible?

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