4 Awesome Extensions to Block Sites in Chrome

We all spend a lot of time being online. On social networking sites, watching videos, reading news posts, etc. And one link leads to another and it goes on. We don’t realize how time passes, and we shut down, leaving works unfinished. Literally it happens every day, and we are left with pile of unfinished tasks. Few of you might able to manage to a certain extent. But to make this extremely easy, consider having one of these Google Chrome extensions installed in your Chrome.

1. StayFocused

Stayfocusd This extension makes you inaccessible to chosen sites by blocking them. Even you can block web content which you tend to open in the browser. You can allot time how much you want to spend on particular sites. And when the time you allotted passed, it will be blocked for the rest of the day. So you can focus and finish your work.

Be aware that it will not let you even change the setting to get the access to that particular site which was blocked for the day, for that you have to disable the extension. You can even block all the websites for few minutes or hours at “The Nuclear Option”, without adding the sites to the blocked list at “Blocked Sites”. And it doesn’t seem to have the feature to block a site for multiple time periods like “Nanny for Google Chrome” yet.

2. Block Site with Time Alarm

Block Site with Time Alarm

This extension let you set the maximum amount of time you want to spend for each website. It has three options to block. First one is to block the site entirely. Second one is to get access by completing a hard task, which might make you abstain from getting the access to the site. And third one is up to you, by getting desktop notifications to stop.

The issue here is once you are blocked, you cannot extend the time. And time set to spend on the site is same for everyday, you cannot customize the allowed time on various days of a week.

3. Nanny for Google Chrome

With this extension you can block URLs for multiple time periods in a day or set maximum time up to 60 minutes in a day. Also you can set for which day you want to be blocked unlike others.

Reviewer claim that the time constraint set, doesn’t work properly sometimes. They also claim that when they set maximum time for a site to block, it doesn’t work and get blocked instantly. So, when you set a maximum time limit, you also need to set a time period in order to get it right. And when you use the option of multiple time periods in a day, then don’t set maximum time period. So try it out finding the bugs.

4. No Procrastination

A simple one. You can block a complete domain or a specific URL. And anytime you can pause and get access unlike others.

We are using StayFocusd and also highly recommend it for stubborn procrastinators.

Have the best one installed for you. Or try all of these and let us know which one you liked the most? In next articles, we are coming with more extensions of Google Chrome to increase your browser’s usability.

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