3 Extensions for Improved Browsing History Management in Chrome for Search and Sort

Chrome history2 extension

Google Chrome provides a very simple history feature to view past visited websites. It is very easy to use and solves most of the purpose. By default, your past visits are arranged in reverse chronological order with only few sorting options. Often it becomes difficult to search for previous visited sites in history. Chrome history also lacks in some other important features like:

#1. Looking up history for a specific date.

#2. Ability to search websites between the two dates.

#3. Sorting based on URL or date.

#4. Deleting specific parts of history.

We can easily overcome these problems with the use of chrome extensions. However, be advised that since these extensions are custom made they cannot be blindly trusted. Some of them might store sites you visit locally to give you enhanced functionality. A common method to choose extension is to choose one with high number of downloads having positive comments with good rating.

Let us look three such extensions that fulfil the above criteria and are very useful in managing history in better way –

History2 : Same History Page with Added Options

Chrome history2 extension

History2 is a very simple to use history viewer with a host of options that lets you view web history with already defined time frames such as 2 days ago or last week and others. You can even sort your search results alphabetically or by last time visit or by number of visits.

History Calendar: Beautifully designed Multipurpose Extension

history calendar

History Calendar is the best in its league but unfortunately it is not verified by Google. It gives quick information on already visited websites in a beautiful popup but this is just tip of the iceberg. The more evident use of this chrome extension is to view history for a particular date from calendar and to search history between two particular date intervals.

Recent History: A Nifty Web Browsing History Manager

recent histoey

Recent History is a heavily customised smart addon that gives you flexibility to view recent history with just a click of mouse and variety of options to manage better the past visited websites. The options page gives wide range of selections to choose.

The main history manager lets you view history based on the selected day of calendar. Deleting history between dates is hidden and you will have to click on the arrow next to calendar to reveal it. Similarly, the sorting options are not so evident. They can be found at top right most side of the page.

This extension does not not actually use Chrome history but it makes its own database separately. Therefore, it might be sluggish sometimes. However, this is a smart extension for improved browsing history management in Google Chrome.

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I try not to lose track of sites I’ve visited, but at times, it’s difficult to do so. I need to look at this closer and try it out. Thanks for the tips!

A friend recommended Fetch extension to me, and it really helped me. I think it indexes content of pages, and it also ranks pages by the attention the user gives the page. I find what I want within the top 3 links whenever I search on the plugin. Its awesome!!!

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