Dev Version Of Google Chrome With Themes and Windows 7 Compatibility

It looks like users demand for themes and extensions for Google Chrome is showing some impact on latest developer versions on Chrome, which would also include better working with windows 7.

The latest version of Google Chrome, particularly made for developers now has extensions enabled by default and also the support for various themes or skins. There are some changes on user interface too like ‘Application’ shortcut as a separate task bar item.

Developer version is different from normal Chrome that you use on your computers. Most of the people install Chrome from Google directly and they get stable version. By stable, we mean that application will not crash on different configuration computers and works without any errors. Since Chrome is open source, developers keep on improving code to make it better. The developer version is with latest code and functionalities, however there is no guarantee that it would run perfectly everywhere.

Precaution: Before using latest developer version remember to backup your Chrome Data.


To get windows 7 compatible Chrome with themes:

1. Download latest Developer build chrome.
2. Download Camo theme or Snowflake theme.

Google Chrome is stable product while Chromium is portable and open source version of chrome.

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Onload of page my antivirus put alert, check pls.

Hi Hobosic,

you have to use official version of themes. If you have downloaded themes from forums, spam sites or other places then there is always a probability of viruses.

You can download trust-able these from here and here

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