7 Handy Chrome Extensions By Google Worth Checking Out

Google Chrome comes with tons of awesome extensions to optimize your browser for best experience. Interestingly, Google itself contributes many handy Chrome extensions that are worth checking out. If you love Google services, then you should also give Chrome extensions by Google a try.

Although there are many Chrome extensions, but we have picked 7 of the most helpful ones to introduce today. These extensions are completely free to use and don’t come with any ads or annoying recommendations.

1. Google Input Tools

This is a God sent extension for users who need to type in different languages. The extension allows you to quickly switch between different language keyboards to type in your favorite language. There is support for over 90 languages and the extension supports any type of text field inside Google Chrome.


Best of all, it has handwriting support for 40 languages that allow you quickly type in your favorite language without learning to do so with a keyboard. You just need to specify handwriting language and starting drawing words with your mouse. Google Input Tools will automatically enter the correct words based on your drawn words with great precision.

2. Google Mail Checker


A must have extension for all Gmail users. Google Mail Checker shows you all of the unread emails in your Gmail account so you won’t have to periodically check in to be updated. Additionally, you can also click on the extension button to quickly open the Gmail Inbox. It will either move you to the tab where Gmail is open, or open it in a new tab if it is closed. This extension is complimented by Send from Gmail extension that allows you to compose emails from the extension.

3. Password Alert


This extension is created to protect you against phishing attacks that may hack your Google account. Once installed, it will warn you whenever you will enter your Google password on a website that is officially supported by Google. Furthermore, it will also give a warning when you visit a phished webpage acting as Google sign-in page. Unfortunately, it will only save you from phishing attacks on your Google account login, your accounts with other services will still be at risk.

4. Earth View From Google Earth


A great extension to spice up the new tab page every time you open one. After installing the extension, you will see a mesmerizing satellite image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab in Chrome. The images change from time to time to ensure you don’t get bored. The images are also not random, they are usually beautiful and always have some interesting pattern to stop and look for a second. There is also a similar extension for Google Art Project that shows art from Google Art Project when you open a new tab.

5. Data Saver


Similar to Opera Turbo in Opera browser, Data Saver is an extension by Google to compress web pages in Chrome. It will compress all HTTP web page and reduce their size. This will speed up the overall page time for HTTP websites and also help save internet data; perfect if you have limited data connection.

6. Google Similar Pages


If you research a lot or like to look for similar websites of your interest then give Google Similar Pages extension a try. When you are on a web page of your interest, simply click on the Google Similar Pages button in the address bar and you will see all the websites that offer similar content. It can immensely help in find great content of your interest.

7. Color Enhancer


If you are partially color blind or have problems identifying colors, then this Color Enhancer extension should help. It gives you multiple options with known color variants that many color blinded people have trouble identifying. You just need to pick the one that seems clear to you and it will be applied all over the web for you.


These are some of the most helpful Chrome extensions by Google. I personally like Google Mail Checker and Earth View From Google Earth. Although Data Saver is also a must have extension if you have limited internet data plan. Do let us know in the comments which one of these Chrome extensions by Google you like.

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