5 Awesome Google+ Chrome Extensions To Simplify Your Work

Google+ is one of the biggest social media networks, and no doubt it offers great features to connect and share with your friends. If you are an avid Google+ user, then you must be looking to get more from Google+. If so, then you should try some Chrome extensions that are specifically made for Google+ to get the best experience.

UPDATE: Though Google+ has gone through serious redesign, you might feel that these extensions would not work with the new Google+. Don’t worry, the screenshots at this article are old, but the Google+ extensions are still usable.

To help you get more from Google+, we have created a list of 5 best Chrome extensions for Google+ that will surely enhance your Google+ experience.

1. Surplus

An easy to use Chrome extension for Google+ that allows you to use most of Google+ important features right from the extension button. Surplus lets you post content on your Google+ profile right from its popup menu and you can also respond to other people from here. You can use multiple Google accounts at the same time, and Surplus will let you switch between them with a single click.


Furthermore, it also packs a punch by offering desktop notifications and custom notifications sounds to keep you updated without needing to check Google+ every few minutes.

2. Replies and more for Google+

This extension adds few handy features to your Google+ account to optimize your experience. It enables you to directly reply to the author of the posts and also easily mention other users. Some of its other tweaks include, ability to see unread messages, easily mute posts, get additional share buttons and control over desktop notifications.


3. Helper for Google+

Another Google+ Chrome extension that adds multiple extra features to enrich your experience. Helper for Google+ adds additional share buttons to share your posts over twitter and Facebook right from the Google+ interface. Furthermore, it comes with a separate Google+ bookmark manager to save and manage posts you like.


Other things you can do include the ability to translate posts (using Google Translator), custom notifications, combine all public +1 posts in one place, add hashtags and more.

4. CircleCount

This is an astonishingly helpful extension if you want to get complete stats of a Google+ user in one place. Just visit any Google+ user’s profile and click on the CircleCount button. It will search and show all important stats, including total +1s, follower history over a chart and total comments and reshares. Additionally, CircleCount also offers features to control comments, such as sort comments using different factors or highlight your name in comments.


5. Do Share

A must have Google+ Chrome extension if you share and post a lot. Do Share offers amazing features to make it easier to post, including ability to schedule posts, put posts in draft, a built-in text editor with minimal distractions and ability to share posts right from notifications and stream. It also comes with ability to autocomplete hashtags and share posts with communities, circles, mentions and more with a single click.


Wrap Up

These Google+ Chrome extensions should help enrich your Google+ experience and make it easier to connect with your friends and followers. You should give Surplus and Helper for Google+ a try as they add some handy features to Google+ that you will surely love. And CircleCount is perfect for you if you depend on research.

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