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Gmail Compose window strike through text in gmail

How to Strike Through Text in Gmail

Though strikethrough is not a feature that we use in our daily lives unlike bolding or making text italics, it is often required in many cases. For the lesser-known people, strikethrough is a type...

Inbox contacts with full information

Xobni Smartr vs Rapportive for Gmail

When you receive a common mail, which has other known/unknown respondents, it becomes difficult to know who is who and does what. Specially, in organisations and institutes this becomes a serious problem, as we...

The Email Game Tactics

Achieve Zero Unread Mail with the Email Game

Under normal circumstances, we tend to leave few mails unread in inbox so that we can later on work on them. But often we forget them and the unread list keeps on increasing. Unimportant/Boring/Spam...