How To Find Your Android Phone With Android Device Manager

It’s a dreaded moment when you reach for your pocket and find that your phone isn’t there. You may have left it on the shop counter, dropped it in the car or may be it’s just lying on the sofa; but you have no idea where it is. If you lost your Android phone; there is no need to panic. You can still recover it using the built-in Android Device Manager.

The Android Device Manager will show you the current location of the phone and also let you send remote commands to lock or wipe your phone. In today’s post, we will show you how you can recover your android phone using Android Device Manager.

Access Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager will only let you track your Android phone if it is already enabled in it. Fortunately, the Android Device Manager is enabled by default on all the Android devices, so there is a chance it is enabled on your device as well.

In case you are planning ahead and still have the phone with you, then make sure the Android Device Manager is enabled. It is usually located under “Google Settings” of the Android device.

Now go to Android Device Manager web portal in your browser and sign in using your Google account. You will see the current location of your phone on a map with more details on the top left side. To track your Android phone or execute remote commands, it must have a stable internet connection. If it doesn’t have a internet connection, you will see its last recorded location and the remote commands will execute as soon as the phone connects to a network.


Find Lost Android Phone in Your Present Location

If Android Device Manager shows that your phone is still in your house or anywhere you are present right now, then simply ringing it will help you find it. Best of all, Android Device Manager is capable of ringing the phone even if it is on “Silent” mode. In the same web portal, click on the “Ring” command and confirm the prompt. This will make your phone ring at full volume for 5 minutes straight. If your phone is nearby, you should be able to find it.

find-android-phone-ring find-android-phone-confirm-ring

What To Do If You Lost Your Android Phone Outside?

If your phone is out of your reach, then the first thing you should do is lock down your phone. This will ensure no one access your phone data if they get their hands on your phone.

Lock Phone with Android Device Manager

In the same Android Device Manager web portal, click on the “Lock” command. On the next dialog, you need to enter a password to lock down your phone remotely. Additionally, you can also provide a phone number and a recovery message (shown on the lock screen). Anyone who finds your phone can use this information to contact you. Now click on the “Lock” button to lock your phone remotely.

find-android-phone-lock find-android-phone-lock-phone-remotely

Once you lock the phone, use the phone location provided by Android Device Manager to track and recover the phone. If you can’t reach the location for some reason, wait for someone to contact you back using the information you provided.

If you are sure you have lost your phone and there is no hope to recover it, then you should at least wipe all the personal data to prevent someone from abusing it.

Erase Your Phone Data Using Android Device Manager

Click on the “Erase” command in Android Device Manager and confirm the prompt to erase all the data on your phone. This will remotely factory reset your Android phone and delete all the data in the process. However, this may not delete the data inside your phone’s SD card.

find-android-phone-erase find-android-phone-erase-data-remotely

Did You Manage To Recover Your Phone?

Using the Android Device Manager, you should be able to find your Android phone. Only two factors can prevent you from recovering your android phone, if your Android phone doesn’t connect to a network or Android Device Manager is disabled in it. If these two factors are fulfilled, then you should be able to track your Android phone or at least protect your data inside it.

Do let us know in the comments if you manage to recover your Android phone using the Android Device Manager.

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