5 Android Apps To Automate Android Functions

Karrar Haider

For over 9 years, Karrar has been writing about everything Google and Windows with a strict focus on improving security and finding ways to get more out of our devices.

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  1. BRENDA ROSS says:

    Thank you for relieving many older people of headaches caused by a product they really would have preferred to not use, and from instability with the constant upgrades facing our slow absorption rate of rules. So, although I have a dozen or so questions I would love to discuss with you, I’ll greatly appreciate a simple answer to:…. Can, and how do I get my photos to JUST TAKE A PICTUR E? I do NOT want the “motion” picture. These constant changes are driving me CRAZY…..plus, AT&T keeps the clock running during all this scrambling and has charged me 3 times THIS month for over-use of data!!

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