How To Download YouTube Videos on PC

You may already know that there is no official “Download” button on YouTube videos. This means you cannot download videos from YouTube, Google doesn’t allow this. Why, you are asking? Why would Google let people watch videos offline and ruin all its Ads revenue? Also, there is an issue of Copyrights and other illegal use of videos.

Downloading YouTube videos is definitely not allowed, it is even written in the YouTube’s Terms of Services “You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content”.

Why you can Download YouTube Videos?

The main issue is definitely the Copyrights and after that the ad revenue. However, if you would like to download a video for “Personal Use” only, then it may not be illegal (laws are different for each region/country). Because, you are not forced to see ads and if you are watching a video offline with no ads, then it is your right, Google can’t force you to watch it on their platform with ads.

As far as the Copyrights are concerned, if you ensure that you are downloading the video for personal use only, such as quick access, delay while playing videos or saving data plan, then you may download the video. However, make sure it is for personal use only as you are solely responsible for any actions against you! Do your homework to make sure that you stay within the law in your own region.

If you really need to Download YouTube Videos then there are many third-party tools that can help you download them in different ways.

In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to download a YouTube Video using different tools, from which you can use the one that fits your needs best.

Download YouTube Videos On PC

You can download different download softwares that will let you download videos from YouTube. There are also some websites that will let you download YouTube videos without any need of downloading a separate software. The process is almost same for most tools, you just copy the Video URL and paste it in the tool and choose the quality and the format of video to download it.

Here are some reliable options that might interest you…


ClipGrab is very simple to use and one of the most used tools for downloading videos and not just from YouTube but also Vimeo, Dailymotion and many other such websites. They have a quite good reputation and follow proper legislation to protect your data.

First, you need the URL of the video which you would like to download. Just open the Video that you would like to download and copy its URL by highlighting and pressing Ctrl+C or Right clicking on it and choosing “Copy” from the context menu.

Now, download ClipGrab and launch the program. Go to “Downloads” tab and paste the URL in the search bar provided . After a tiny delay you will see all the below options available to you, including Format and Quality options. Just set the Quality and Format which you require and click on “Grab this Clip!” to download the video. You can also download more than one video at the same time by adding another video using the process mentioned above while the first one is downloading.


If you don’t want to download a specific software on your PC, then you can also use a downloader website like to download the video. The terms of the website also state that you should download a video for personal use only. The main use of this website is to convert videos and audios into different formats. You can upload a file or provide a link to the audio/video to convert and download it.

It supports many websites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and others, which means you can convert and “download” videos from these websites too.

Just copy the URL of the video page and paste in the search field on this website. Click on “Continue” next to the search field and you will get the option to choose the video quality.

download-youtube-videos-clipconverter download-youtube-videos-clipconverter-1

Choose video quality and also the format which you would like to have and then click on Start to convert (it will take a few seconds depending on the length of the video).


Once converted, you will see a “Download” button which you can click to download your video.



If you want the process to be even easier with just 2 clicks, then you can get an extension that will add a “Download” button right on the video. You will not find any downloader extensions on the Google Web Store for obvious reasons that Google is not a fan of letting people download videos from YouTube.

FastestTube was suppose to be an extension on Google Web Store but was blocked due to the rules of Google Web Store . However, the team has created an exe installer to install the extension in chrome and all other browsers.

Just install the extension using the clear instructions provided by the FastestTube and enable it. Once the extension is enabled, just open the video on YouTube and a “Download” button will be available at the bottom of the video.


Just click on it and choose the video format and quality to start the download.



There were some simple ways to download Youtube videos and watch them online. Just make sure you download YouTube video for personal reasons only. You will be solely responsible for any legal action taken against you.

If you have any questions or know any better method to download videos from YouTube, let us know in the comments below.

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