Access Geo Restricted YouTube Videos Without a VPN in Seconds

It’s absolutely exasperating to come across a YouTube video you’re really anticipating to watch only to be hit by a message saying you can’t watch it because it’s blocked in your country. People usually just give up or sign up for those free VPN apps only to find that the free tier isn’t fast enough to stream videos in HD. Here’s a quick tip to access geo restricted videos on YouTube without having to rely on a VPN or third party extensions.

Bypass YouTube’s Country Restriction

The dreaded message nobody likes to see while browsing

A few videos could be blocked in your country because the content owner of these videos has not allowed access because of licensing orcertain regulations of that country. Here is a simple two step solution to bypass and watch YouTube videos not available in your Country

  1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video. If you’re using the YouTube app, press share and select copy URL
  2. Paste it in your browser but replace the keyword tube with pak and hit enter

For example, if the URL says:

change it to

If it’s a mobile URL like –

remove the m. to make it

When you hit enter, the URL redirects to to load an embed of the video by masking its location to bypass the geo-restriction.

How does it work?

While it is technically similar a VPN, you don’t need an app or proxy or extension since the site takes care of everything in its back-end. YouTube uses your account and IP address information to determine your location, and now when you access the restricted video via this site, none of this is shared. Therefore, no more “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” message on the video.

I’ve been using this method since 2015 without any issues and while the site safe to browse, it’s supported by online advertising. Here’s the website’s privacy policy if you’re interested in knowing how it makes its money.

How is this different that our previous trick?

Our previous article relied on installing VPNs on your computer or using specific extensions. Also, the tool we recommended is now dead. This new trick is very simple to use, does not require anything to install and works every time.

Bypass geo-restricted videos with

Here’s a video if you still have any reservations:

Also, a plus is the ability to download videos up to 720p as MP4s or as a music file in MP3 format. There’s certainly a dozen other ways and dozen other tricks to get around this issue but the above method seems like the quickest way in my experience. 

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That is a nice little hack for youtube vids. Wish we had as simple alternative to get around netflix’s region-blocking issues. for now, i’m only able to get other regions’ netflix working is by having my ivacy vpn provider’s technical team configure the workaround with windows. it’s not 123 but at least i can access other netflix regional libraries.

    Same situation here. Before Netflix came to our country, we tried all sorts of VPNs. Now, we do it for Spotify. But the good part is, I just have to register to Spotify via VPN and then I can browse on regular connection.

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