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Youtube is the video sharing website which Google acquired in 2005 and now is the biggest search engine after Google. In this category, we write about latest developments, updates, hack and tricks for Youtube to maximize your viewing experience.

Download Entire YouTube Playlists on Android for Offline Viewing

Going on a road trip or taking a long flight? Here's a reliable method to download an entire YouTube playlists in just a few taps.

Enjoy YouTube Floating Window (Picture-In-Picture) And Background Audio Playback on Any Android Phone

Multitask by opening YouTube videos in picture-in-picture mode like a floating bubble window and play audio in the background without using Android O or being a YouTube RED subscriber.

Add YouTube Links to Watch Later Playlist Without Opening the App

Save YouTube videos to Watch Later playlist from anywhere on your phone without opening the YouTube app. Be free from the trouble of waiting for the app to load, video to buffer and selecting the options.

Access Geo Restricted YouTube Videos Without a VPN in Seconds

A quick tip to watch restricted YouTube videos that are not available to your country by bypassing the IP address via a different site. No VPNs or extensions now needed to access blocked videos.

How To Download YouTube Videos on PC

Have you noticed YouTube doesn't offer a way to download YouTube videos? Today we will share 3 easy way to download YouTube videos in high quality.

10 Effective Places To Share Your YouTube Videos

Having a hard time getting more views on YouTube videos? Checkout these 10 websites where you can share your YouTube videos to get thousands of views.

How To Create Multiple YouTube Channels and Manage Them

You can create multiple YouTube channels under a single YouTube account. Here's everything you need to know to create and manage multiple YouTube Accounts

5 YouTube Features Every YouTube Fanatic Should Use

YouTube has tons of features to make video streaming experience better. In this post we list 5 of the best YouTube features that every YouTuber should use.

A Better Way to Customize YouTube Video Embeds

While embedding a YouTube video, you might want to customize its visual appearance and behavior to match the style of your site. YouTube's embed code gives no customization option, whereas you can use a Sobolev's tool to make all the changes you want.

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