How to earn money from your blog with Google AdSense – 2017 edition

Learn how you can get benefitted by the new Google Adsense and increase your revenue share as you focus on building a steady traffic with our 2017 guide.

Gtricks welcomes guides for google’s B2B tools.

Find what's needed to boost your business with Google's B2B tools. Guides for best Google B2B tools that are simple and easy to digest and implement.

5 Must Have Android Security Apps To Protect Your Android Phone

The security of your Android phone is extremely important, and thankfully there are many Android apps that can secure your phone. Here we list 5 of the best ones.

5 Awesome Google+ Chrome Extensions To Simplify Your Work

There are many cool Google+ Chrome extensions that you can use to get more features and optimize Google+. Here we share 5 of the best of them.

7 Handy Chrome Extensions By Google Worth Checking Out

Google is known for awesome apps, and this holds true for its Chrome extensions as well. Here we list 7 of the most helpful Chrome extensions by Google.

Android Phone Keeps Turning Off? Here is How To Easily Fix It

Does your Android phone keeps turning off for no particular reason? It can be a hardware or a software issue, and this article we will show you how to fix both.

5 Best Free Android Calendar Apps You Must Try

The default calendar app in your Android phone isn't good enough for your busy life? Check out these awesome 5 free Android Calendar apps to replace it.

How To Download YouTube Videos on PC

Have you noticed YouTube doesn't offer a way to download YouTube videos? Today we will share 3 easy way to download YouTube videos in high quality.

How To Make Google Ads More Relevant To You

You can edit your Google ads profile to make sure Google show ads that actually interest you. In this article we will show you how to edit it.

5 Funny Chrome Extensions To Put A Smile On Your Face

Are you bored? Checkout these 5 funny chrome extensions that will surely put a smile on your face and help you play practical jokes on your friends.

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