Google May Be Fined More Than $2.7 Billion For Android Violations

Google may again be fined For its violations corresponding to the Android operating system. And while Google may accept the file, it, of course, does not want to lose its right on default search app and browser.

Google Assistant Now Lets You Chat With eBay

It looks like a lot of bots are coming to Google Assistant. Ebay bot is the latest discovered which lets users quickly ask for price and worth of items. Google has announced bots for Home and now its the Assistant's turn.

Stitch Multiple Screenshots & Capture Long Websites on Android

Want to capture long conversations or a lengthy web page in one image? You can now easily stitch multiple screenshots or capture web pages on Android.

How To Block Ads In Chrome Without Any Extension

Use This Trick To Block Ads On Your Google Chrome Browser Without Installing Any Extension. We Stop Data Drom Ad Servers or Providers in Network Level via Hosts File.

How to Spoof Your Location on Android Quickly Without a Root

If your phone's GPS unit is faulty or would like to try restricted apps, here's how to spoof your location on Android without rooting the device.

Control & Sort YouTube Playlists Using These Settings From the Desktop

Want your Watch Later playlist to be sorted by popularity or date added? Learn to control & sort YouTube playlists from the settings of each playlist.

10 Simple Tricks To Improve Google Chrome Performance

Have you ever felt that your Google Chrome Browser was too slow? Then follow these 10 simple tricks to make it fast agian!

Share Location Anonymously Without Signing-Up for An Account

Location sharing usually requires the sender and recipient to have the same app or sign-up for a service. Flare lets users share location anonymously.

Google Testing Triangle, A New Data Saver App

After Chrome's data saver and AMP pages, Google is setting out again to save users data with a new app called Triangle. It lets you set data limits and block certain app from background data usage.

Plan Routes, Add Multiple Stops & Create Efficient Routes Using Circuit

Looking for the best route as a tourist? Work requires you to travel multiple places every day? Find out how to plan routes using this Android app.

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