Send Directions to Your Phone from a PC via Google Search & Maps

Imagine finishing work and at the end of the day, you discover a really cool restaurant or pub online. If you’re looking to hit the place right after work, you can accomplish this by going to the Maps app and searching for it manually. Google doesn’t have a feature similar to Continuity for iOS & Mac for Android devices. But it does have excellent features because of its cloud prowess. One such feature you may not be aware of is the ability to send directions to your phone from the PC.

Push Directions to Your Phone or Tablet from the Desktop


Chances are that you already have these steps set-up but let’s go through them anyway.
Step 1: Sign-in to your active Google account.
Step 2: Need to have Google Maps installed and signed into the same account which is active on the desktop.
Step 3: Notifications should be automatically enabled. If not, enable them by going to Settings and enabling it from the Notifications option.

This feature works on both iOS & Android as long as the above-mentioned steps are followed.

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Send Directions from Google Search

Step 1: Open the browser and search for the place you’re looking to navigate.

Search for listing

Search for listing

Step 2: Look for the knowledge graph to show the relevant listing on the right side of Google Search.

Navigate to Send button

Step 3: Select the Send button situated next to the Send to your phone text. If you’re using multiple devices choose the one you prefer.

Press the Send button

Press the Send button

Step 4: This will send a notification to your Android or iOS device. On Android, you can choose to either open the notification directly in Navigation mode or to the Directions screen.

Here's how the notification looks like

Here’s how the notification looks like

Send Directions from Google Maps’ Desktop Site

The instructions are almost similar but sending from Maps website has more functionality.
Step 1: Visit the listing and look for the Send to your phone button.

Press Send to your phone

Press Send to your phone

Step 2: Selecting it will offer two extras choices in addition to pushing it as a notification which is via SMS or email.

Select from sending as notification, email or text message

Select from sending as notification, email or text message


Here's how an email or text message looks

Here’s how an email or text message looks


Sending directions from the PC to mobile devices seems like a great addition for regular users who will really come to appreciate this feature especially if they’ve never used a service like Pushbullet before.

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