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Google Maps is ubiquitous online map service used for finding local businesses, driving directions and viewing maps. In this category we write about mashups, related sofwares and tricks to get more out of single product.

A Better Service to Track Packages And Shipments Than Google’s

Though both Google and Gmail provides package tracking but they are not enough. We take a look at the best app to track shipments that are cross-platform, feature-rich and easy to use. You can in fact see the location of your package in Google Maps.

How to Write, Edit or Delete Google Reviews on Web and Mobile

Google reviews have become a standard platform for user feedbacks of any place. Anyone who has a Google account is eligible to write his/her own review if needed. However, editing Google reviews is not so straight forward task.

Best Offline Maps App for Smartphones – OpenStreetMap

Discover Google Maps open source alternative OpenStreetMap. For smartphones, it has - the best offline app to download maps and to access full navigation capability for any city, region or country.

Difference Between Google Maps, Google Street View and Google Earth

A brief understanding on Google's complete ecosystem for mapping and navigation. Right from globe visualization to satellite view to street level details with Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Street View. 

Google’s April Fool Jokes – 2014

Google's divisions come up with different pranks for the April Fools' day and this year we see innovations ranging from selfies to pokemon.

Caching offline maps in Google Maps App

Google Maps App has "OK Maps" feature that allows caching a map for offline viewing

Make Google Maps Street View Stop Motion Movie with RCZview

A brilliant marketing idea to promote new Peugeot car RCZ with a Google maps Street View mashup stop motion movie which serves a continuous video between two points

Beautiful Google Street View Pictures

Artistic and unusual but beautiful images captured by Google Street View Camera.

Find Apartments for Rent with Google Maps

Google Maps mashup can be used to find appartments with the building pictures, location and street view that are on rent.

Find When an Image Location Update Happens in Google Earth or Maps

Know when google earth and maps updates its images with Follow Your World application.

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