How to work Google Contacts like a Pro

One of the most daunting prospects, one gets while switching mobile phones is the loss of personal data especially, contacts as We accumulate a lot of contacts which are mostly beyond the very limited storage capacities of the SIM cards. They also contain email ID, addresses and birthdays bundled along with phone numbers as a result, it becomes a set of valuable information. Ever heard of Google Contacts? Don’t worry we will walk you through.

Google Contacts

One of the best and the most versatile way to store your contacts is using Google which lets you sync your contacts to multiple devices, automatically makes changes in all your devices when sync is done, let’s you easily export/import contacts from both .csv and .vcf file extensions. Google facilitates switching between different mobile OS; you can use it with iOS and Windows with the help of CarDAV.

You need a Gmail account to begin.

Getting Started with Google Contacts

Go to Settings > Accounts > Google. To begin you must have a signed in Google account following to which  click on your account and make sure that ‘Contacts’ is switched on.

All the contacts are automatically sync to your Gmail account. You can also see them in your PC browser.

  1. Open Gmail in your browser > then Sign in with the same Gmail account as your mobile. In the top left corner of the screen click on Gmail, from the drop down menu click on Contacts or in a new tab open

Google Contacts

      2. As you see there are Contacts visible in the menu. On the left side, Click on More         to see all the options for managing your contacts.


Keeping Backups

You can also keep all your contacts as a physical .vcf or .cvf file for your personal backup. Click on Export and You will be prompted to go to older version Click on GO TO OLD CONTACTS.

Google Contacts

There click on More then Export where you can see all the options to store your contacts as a personal backup.

Google Contacts

Now you can sync your contacts to any mobile by just signing in with your Gmail ID in Settings > Accounts.

You can also import them from other sources to Google by clicking on Import under More.

Google Contacts

To sync contacts to iOS; there is an official Google guide here.

The official Microsoft guide to sync Google contacts in Windows Phone is here.

Google is a very powerful tool which is very easy to use and can be the place to store your contacts efficiently without worrying about issues when switching mobile phones.

We hope this article would prove useful to you. If you think we missed out on any part do Comment in the section below.


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