Word Origin and Songs Lyrics in Google Search Card

You can now directly find the origin of words and lyrics of any song directly from Google search results page. These are the two new additions to Google OneBox or Search Card, which already displays direct answers to weather, stock prices word definations and other common questions.

The Word Origin features picks up available information from the web and displays etymological information along with definition, pronunciation, translation and usage over the years. To use this features, just add “word origin” to any keyword in Google search. Example:”tornado word origin

Word Origin in Google Search

Another nifty feature Google added is showing lyrics of popular songs in search cards. This feature is highly controversial as hundreds of lyrics providing sites will suddenly become useless and may sue Google for anti-competitive practices. These websites have always fought for the front result page and if Google is showing lyrics, why would users visit these sites. Hence it is not sure whether lyrics in Search Card is permanent feature or a temporary experiment. Also note that this feature is not available in all countries, may be they are testing market’s reaction to it.

To find lyrics of any song, append the song name with lyrics keyword. Example: stairway to heaven lyrics.

Lyrics in Google

You can yourself see the direct connection here. Google Play Music already sells music albums and their search has started displaying lyrics. These two features have now been integrated and you can buy music while searching for song lyrics or get lyrics while playing/purchasing songs in Google Play Music. Win for the customer but a great loss for other lyrics websites and other music providers.

Most presumably these two new features will be added to Google NOW, making it more useful and better than before.

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