Why Chrome OS and Android Will Survive Together

Android on Chromebook replacing ChromeOS

The web is full of speculations for Google planning to wind up its Chrome Operating system for personal computers into Android mobile based operating system. The reports said the Chrome OS running laptops will be merged with Android and will be forming a combined OS that will be unveiled in 2017. But in contrast to it, the Android and Chrome OS SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer said on Twitter that the company hasn’t got any plans for such a step now.

Google remains committed to Chrome OS and is not planning to merge it with Android OS now.

The official Google Chrome Blog on Monday reported that the Chrome OS is here to stay. They don’t have any plans to phase out Chrome OS. The company stated that Chromebooks are always in demand from the time they were introduced. Their affordability and easy to use laptops offers its users the best of security and the deployment of work. The company is also working on different forms of the operating system to be introduced in different devices the following year.

Android on Chromebook replacing ChromeOS

In fact, the Chrome OS offer better features than any other cloud-based operating system presently available:

  • Chrome OS takes security very seriously with multiple levels of protection. You won’t ever need anti-virus on this machine.
  • Chromebooks are the best devices for educational institutions offering the best network for students and teachers.
  • The ‘Share to Classroom’ chrome extension gets students onto the same webpage instantly.
  • It provides easy of deployment and has the ability to integrate with existing technologies.
  • Many Chromebooks can be managed by a single web console, perfect for a workspace enviroment.
  • And of course they boot up in less than 10 seconds.

Even though Google ended the speculations surrounding the merging of both the OS, the tech world was looking forward to such a move where they could get the best of android in their laptops. We already have android phones and tablets doing everything, so why not laptops?

The merging will also offer multiple benefits:

  • Users will be able to discover a number of apps as it will bring in the Play Store for laptops.
  • Android becomes a common base for your devices enabling you to sync between devices more easily.
  • We will have more choices as customers since more OEMs will offer laptop hardware (for example, Motorola Laptops)
  • It will help Google win more workplace customers with its productivity apps which will run across different devices.
  • Google will enjoy privileged status of being only company which connects to users at all stages. This also means that Google will have more information about its users than ever resulting in more ad sales revenue.

However, we believe that both the operating systems will survive together for years to come.

Why Chrome OS and Android will survive together?

Both Operating Systems are different. Chrome OS is highly secure, multi-purpose OS with Web-first design and offers unparallel performance. Though Android also tries to be like Chrome OS, but it fails on being a lightweight platform. Chrome OS can push new technology more efficiently than Android without any degradation as its built with new architecture rather than old Linux architecture of Android.

On the other hand, Android is a mature and stable platform but still not optimized for web apps. If the future belongs to web apps, then there is need for Chrome OS. And thus, Google is betting on both of them. Whatever the future holds, Google will have its share.

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