Do More With QSB (Even Tweet) – Upgraded Google Desktop For Mac

Google Desktop was a big move into the computer market. Windows version was launched in 2004 and in 2007 for Macintosh. After 2 years of Mac release, Google Desktop is promoted as Quick Search Box (QSB).

Google Desktop for windows was rocking as it has many gadgets. Basically meant for search – weather, stocks, battery meter, notes, pics and other gadgets have become part for many users but Mac counterpart was of little use.

Google Desktop for Mac delivered only basic functionalities. After 2 years of development, Google Desktop has come up with better features that would make any window users jealous. Mac Google Desktop has been upgraded to Quick Search Box.

In fact, window users trying to peek what’s QSB (Quick Search Box) they are redirected to from

If you want to know, what additional features QSB has then Google Support tells us how Quick Search Box differs from Google Desktop. From users perspective Quick Search Box is stripped down version offering better features and third party plugins.
(Did I said third party? Open Sorce?)

Google Quick Search Box can be used for:

  • Variety of actions including tweeting. Google support gives instructions on how to tweet from QWB.
    1) Associate your twitter account with QSB.
    – Click down arrow of right-side in QSB.
    – Select Preferences > Add accounts.
    2) Enter your text, you want to tweet in QSB. (Remember limit 140 characters)
    3) Hit tab key for list of possible actions.
    4) Select Send Twitter Status. Done.
  • You can search local computer files ( even mails,chat,music,photos) from QSB.
  • Contextual search (search inside documents) is also possible for text files and emails.
  • You can launch applications of your Macintosh.

Life hacker points out that you can even have QSB with Windows. All you need to do is install Google Toolbar 6.
If you are using Firefox, then will redirect you to install page of Google toolbar 5.
Piece of advice, use Internet Explorer (IE) so that you reach latest version i.e. Google toolbar 6.

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