TunnelBear Makes You Browse like you’re in different country

You are in China and your Favorite Netflix series is online. Everyone knows that you can’t watch Netflix in China right? Well, this is one of the daunting situation where you need your PC to let you browse like you are in a different country. VPN lets you surf geo-blocked content and browse through the private pages having limited access in a particular region or a country.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) conquers this issue. There are many VPN services being offered. Most of them are paid, while few of them are free as well like TunnelBear. It’s not only free but also has a hassle-free interface wherein you can even select the country you want to browse through.


VPN, as the name suggests, is a “Virtual Private Network” which allows you to tunnel your traffic through a secure, encrypted channel and pass it on the other side when you are connected to an open network.

A VPN converts a public network to a private network for you. It uses the public network (usually the Internet) to connect remote sites or users together. The VPN uses “virtual” connections routed through the Internet from your private network to the remote site you are visiting. By using a VPN, you can ensure security as well, anyone intercepting the encrypted data can’t read it.

Installing TunnelBear

Following a simple step-wise description to use the TunnelBear VPN service.

Step 1: Reach out for chrome extension here.

Chrome Store

Click on “Add to Chrome” button.

Chrome Permission

Now click on the “Add extension” button.

Create Account

Since this is your first encounter with TunnelBear, make an account to use the VPN service through it.

Tunneling Successful

Viola! Here you are browsing, no wait tunneling :P privately.

NOTE: Though TunnelBear is free but it has a particular browsing limit (250mb per month) for this service. And it can extend as well but you have to pay for it.

Also, you can even select the country you want to tunnel through as depicted. Click on the TunnelBear extension button present in the Chrome Bar and click on the country to change it.

VPN Select Country

Well the VPN application is not only used when you need to browse the geo-restricted content. But we also recommend you to use it while you are connected to any public network to protect the data being sent over the network. If it is prone to contain sensitive information.

Some * points to keep in mind while using VPNs:

  1. False Security: Though the VPNs are a secure way to teleport your data there still lies a ‘but’. They actually shift the traffic from your location to another one. So even though your data is encrypted and even the ISP would not know, but you still expose your details to the VPN provider.
  2. Quality of Service: Even though watching Netflix out from an unsupported location was the premier reason to use VPN services, It must be noted that VPNs are too bad at it as they completely break how the content delivery networks operate which might make your Netflix experience a low-resolution one.
  3. Try not to upload/download any illegal stuff using VPN. As already mentioned VPN will just shift your identity to another IP but Point 1 still holds up. Stay careful!

That was all from our side, if we think we missed on something don’t retrain to comment below.


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